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Launch of our new product (Titos)

Since 1 September we have started producing Titus chips and put them on the market
Chips Titus Chips is made from natural grains of corn, manufactured within a healthy environment and high-quality production lines and sterilization to be healthy food for our children, available in 6 flavors (pizza – Indomie – chicken – ketchup – pistachio – cheese)

You can find Titus chips in the following places

You can find Chips Titus in Iraq (Baghdad – Fallujah – Basra – Mosul – Anbar)
Chips Titus is also available in all cities of the Kurdistan Region

coming soon

Soon there will be a new flavor to join the family of chips Titos

Production Plan

New food products will be introduced
In 2020 there are several products coming to market